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Puppeteers of America

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Fall 1997 Volume 49, No. 1


Tears of Joy by Mark Levenson

Rene by Nancy Mitchell

Behind the Scenes of Lion King by Michael Baroto

Faustus in Africa reviews of Handspring by Fred Putz

Jeff Dunham, an interview by Kerry Robin

Dark of the Moon a review by Marilyn & Fred Putz

Philadelphia Here I Come 2 reviews by Steve Abrams

Working with Children Working With Puppets by Peggy Meinholtz

Pilgrimage to Chalma by Terry Tannert

Wooden Hands by David Syrotiak

Marionette ball & socket knee Joint by Jim Rose

Tributes to Igor Fokine, Jean Rapicano, Antonio Pasqualino, Louise Dowie

Backcover: Jim Rowland

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