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Puppeteers of America

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Fall 1999 Volume 51, No. 1


Stupendous Seattle: Pat Latshaw introduces 8 pages of reviews and impressions of the Seattle Festival, including 30 photos, caricatures by Joe Leon and capsule reviews by 12 contributors

Hello: Puppetry Journal Editor, Paul Eide, Playboard Editor, Fred Thompson and President, Steve Abrams

POA Awards: Announcing Puppeteers of America awards and Endowment Fund grants

A Virtual Education: Center for Puppetry Arts uses interactive television, Patricia Petrey Dees

Being John Malkovich, Marionettes in Hollywood: Phil Huber interviewed by Steve Meltzer about his role in the new film by Spike Jonz

The Lying Girl: Alan Louis describes how a puppet club in Japan keeps a tradition alive

Little Shop of Horrors: Nancy Lacher faces the challenge of building a man-eating plant

Theatre of Wonder: Articles on the 25th anniversary of In the Heart of the Beast: Miguel Romero reviews the retrospective exhibit at the Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota

Sandy Spieler, In the Heart of the Beast, artistic director interviewed by Stephanie Green

Theatre of Wonder, the book, is reviewed by Nancy Staub

Puppetscape: Hopscotching the continent for headlines

UNIMA-USA: Note from Vince Anthony, & list of UNIMA Citation awards

Puppets as a Medium for Therapy: Wendy Passmore writes about Micky Aronoff’s therapy techniques

Happy Birthday, Maple Leaf Rag: Pegg Callahan, music consultant, makes a case for ragtime as ideal puppet music

In Memorium: Tributes to Micky Miners, Arlyn Coad, Mickey Lynes, Frances Peschka, Tom Schaefer, Spring Burrington-Reiss, R. Bruce Inverarity, Senor Wences

Financial Report

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