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Puppeteers of America

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Fall 2000 Volume 52, No. 1


The Henson Festival of Puppet Theater (Reviews for some of the shows, with sketches by Joe Leon)

The O'Neill Experience by Kurt Hunter

A Puppetry Center Sampler by R.D. Tilroe

Carl Harms, The Man Who Did It All by Larry Engler and Allelu Kurten

The Making of The Mousecracker Video by Elizabeth Luce

Alive Again--the Resurrection and Restoration of 150 Year Old Puppets by Ramdas Padhye

From the Unima-USA Center by Vince Anthony, Bobby Box, and contributions by Miguel Romero

No Sweat! The Air Hood by Roger Mara

The Puppeteers of America, Inc. Financial Statement for 1999

Interactive Puppetry--Galumph Performance Troupe by Paul Eide

In Memoriam-- Tributes to Tommy Atkins, Emeline Dobbins, Celia Collins and Dorothy Gleason

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