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Puppeteers of America

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Fall 2001 Volume 53, No. 1


2 September 11, by Diane Rains

3 Endowment Fund Awards

3 Proclamation Honoring Albrecht Roser

4 The Grey Seal Puppets - 25 Years of Hot Glue and Polyfoam, by Dave McDonald

7 Nanja Monja Comes to Seattle, by Jean Mattson

8 Being Teddy the Bear, by Diane Ligon

10 Introducing Suzanne Tatham, New Puppetry Store Director

11 Puppets in the Green Mountains - An International Festival of "Unusual" Theater, by Wes Sanders

14 On the Road with Meredith Bixby, by Jim Jarecki

16 More on Meredith Bixby, by Rick Morse

17 Book Review: Schattentheater, Reviewed by Diane Rains

18 Dinosaur, by Nancy Lacher

20 Puppetropolis, Chicago's Festival of Puppetry, by Mike Smith

21 Noteworthy, compiled by Paul Eide

24 Nick Coppola's Marionette Miracle on 34th Street: Macy's Puppet Theatre Celebrates

25 Years at Herald Square, by Alan Louis

26 In Memoriam: Lenny Suib, Lucy Little, Roman Vinderman

28 Lightweight Stages, by Nancy Henk, with Drawings by Fred Thompson

31 Puppeteers of America, Inc. Financial Statement, Statement of Ownership

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