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Fall 2014 Volume 66, No. 1


2 The Carter Family Marionettes - Celebrating Four Decades, by Luman Coad

4 The International Puppetry Museum Book is Underway, by Luman Coad
18 The Connecticut Guild of Puppetry Scholarship Auction – Have a Seat!!, by Matt Leonard
19 Ronnie Burkett’s Daisy Theatre, by Ronnie Burkett
22 Hansa Variet̩ Theater Р120 Years of Puppet History, by Phillip Huber
26 The 2014 New England Puppet Intensive, by David Lane and Peter Balkwill

6 Great Lakes, the Motor City Puppet Blast, by Nancy Henk
8 Southeast Region, Southeast Puppet Jamboree, by Susan VandeWeghe
9 Northeast / Mid-Atlantic Region, Puppet Homecoming 2014, by Sharon Peck and Artie Poore
10 A Puppetry for Kids Workshop, by Penny Jones
11 Pacific Northwest Region, Pof Eh? Canuck Fest 2014 / Puppets for Peace Celebration, by Tim Gosley
13 Great Plains Region, Handmade Worlds – a Festival of Puppet Theatre, by Paul Eide

15 Bob Baker, by Gregory Paul Williams
16 René Zendajis, by Greg Veneklasen, with Remembrances by Greg Wilson, Thom Fountain, and Jay Johnson

21 Statement of Ownership

28 Scene East, by Steve Abrams
29 Scene West, by Beth Fernandez
30 Scene Between, by Monica Leo
31 A Bob’s Eye View, by Bob Nathanson
32 Eureka! by Nancy Sander
33 The Guild Connection, by Kurt Hunter
34 Reum...with a view, by M’El Reum
35 Puppetry in Education and Therapy, by Judith O’Hare; Visual Storytelling Through Puppetry, by Conni Mulligan
36 Time Machine, by Kat Pleviak
Stephen Carter creating the cast for one of the operas staged by Carter Family Marionettes with musical ensemble lead by Margriet Tindemans.
Left, top to bottom–scenes from Carter Family Productions:

• Pulcinella stirs up trouble in “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” by Carter Family Puppets.
• The trickster’s mother transforms into a blue jay in Carter Family Marionettes’ performance of “Q’we-ti:  Tales of the Makah Tribe” created in collaboration with Duane Pasco and Elders of the Makah Tribe.
• The twins bring good luck in “Sigi the Antelope:  Stories from West Africa” by Carter Family Puppets in collaboration with Ocheami Drum and Dance Ensemble.
Photographs by Dmitri Carter

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