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Puppeteers of America

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July-August 1974, Volume 26, No. 1


Puppeteer (a sonnet)-Forman Brown 1

Happy Birthday Puppetry Journal-Frank Ballard 3

Special Letters 5

International Notebook-Daniel Llords 7

Of Cats and Masks and Paul McPharlin-Marjorie B McPharlin 13

Among my Souvenirs-Basil Milovsoroff 19

The Devil in the Puppet Show-Geroge Speaight 23

Penny Plain Twopence Colored-David Green 27

Why,What, Whither USA-Carol Fijan & Paul Vincent-Davis 31

Puppetry in Canada-Ken McKay 35

We Love You Lotte Reiniger-Ballard & Schubert 39

Marionettes at the Opera-Nicolo Marionettes  (a special review) 47

'74 Festival Nouvelle Orleans-Nancy Staub 51

The Cutesy Memorandum- J Gregory Sager 53

Script Writing for Puppeteers-Martin Stevens 56

The Magic of Music-Nancy Henk 62

Puppetry Course Review-Virginia Lee Warren 66

The Authority of Theatre-Garcia Lorca 69

Interesting Ideas for Puppeteers:

Fun Puppets-Helen Stephens 71

Classic Measurements of the Human Body-Frank Paris 74

Foot Operated Light Control Panel-Conrad Woyce 75

Plan for a Costumer-Lewis Mahlmann 77


The Puppeteers of America Signet 34

The Puppeteers of America, a brief history 65

Affiliated Guilds 79

Puppeteers of America
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