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Puppeteers of America

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Spring 1983 Volume 34, No. 3


Michigami: Paul Bunyan & Bunraku by Georg Schuttler

Round As Cube, La Compagnie Philippe Genty by F Scott Regan

Refraction from the Dark Crystal by Pat Latshaw

Personality Profile: Sylvia Meredith by Ted Salter

Puppets and Language Arts by Virginia Conover

Kids are Different by Daren Dundee

Puppets in Libraries sources & searches

Regular columns: Eureka by Nancy Sander; Regional Ramblings by Lanelle

Rice: Reumer Has It M’El Reum; Business at Hand: From the President; UNIMA-USA by Allelu Kurten; Theatre Listings; Performances; Exhibitions: Letters, Classified

Tributes to Elwood Fayfield, Margi Stevens

Art director: T.R. Nimen

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