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Puppeteers of America

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Spring 1995 Volume 46, No. 3


In the Heart of the Beast by Tih Penfill

A link in the Chain by Bernice Silver

My Brief Career as a Spanish Puppeteer by Michael Nelson

Rainer Reusch, Shadow Festival reviews by Alice Hume

Creating New Work for Adult Audiences by Lisa Aimee Sturz & Michael Davis

Sound & Shadow by Jodi Eichelberger

Redmoon Theatre & Visible Religion 2 reviews bv Fred Putz;

Young Audience Award by Steve Abrams

Make a Joyful noise by Pegg Callahan

Asymetrical Sculpture by Rob D’Arc

The Emperor’s Nightingale (review of 1951 Trnka film released on video) by George Latshaw

How do you tell a star form an extra by Sean Webb

Bread & Puppet Museum by Andrew Periale

Maestro Roberto Lago by Alleleu Kurten

Tributes to Charlie Fowler; Genevieve Engman, Evelyn Garbary, David Wayne, Bob McKinley

Backcover: Roberto Lago

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