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Spring 1999 Volume 50, No. 3


Detroit Institute of Arts: Past & Present, by George Latshaw & Nancy Henk: Notes on the first 10 years of the distinguished collection of puppets in Detroit, and a report on a multimedia installation in Detroit by Mark Fox and Anthony Luensman.

An Extraordinary Festival, by Sidney Mallard: Preview photos of Seattle Festival performers Clay Martin, Patti Smithsonian and Freehand theatre of West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Alice in the Shadows, by Greg Williams: Bali & Beyond (Maria Bodman) combines traditional Indonesian shadow puppet techniques with western culture to present Alice in Wonderland in a bold interpretation.

Great Lakes Potlatch, by Nancy Henk: Call it a minifest, a day of puppetry, a potlatch, or a pokegon, the Great Lakes Region has created a relaxed, informal yearly gathering.

Theatre of Julie Taymor, by Nancy Lohman Staub: One of puppetry’s most astute observers takes a look at the remarkable career of Tony award winning puppeteer, Julie Taymor.

The Whaling Wife, by Bonnie Kohn Remsberg: Inspired by her work at the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, Bonnie Remsberg tells how her new theatre work reached the stage.

Gender Bender Defender, by Steve Abrams: A look at one of the many ways that puppeteers cross boundaries.

Long Live Redmoon Theatre, by Cathleen Schandelmeier: Jim Lasko directs Long Live the King, an elaborate spectacle created by the noted Chicago experimental theatre group.

Calendar9 dates to note.

Board of Trustees Candidates

A Stuck Student, by Bre Pettis: Puppeteer/ teacher is looking for stories about how puppetry can have a deep impact on kids.

Exhibitions: Opening of the Meredith Bixby Puppet Exhibit in Saline, MI & report on Miami Museum of Contemporary Art exhibit and performances by Cuban-American puppeteer, Pablo Cano

Performance Reviews

Miguel Romero reviews Wake Baby by Australian troupe Reckless Moment

Nancy Staub reviews two more Henson Festival shows: Isidore’s Cheek by Ines Zeller Bass, and Golem by Vit Horejs

Puppeteers Arbitration, by Scott Swanson: Puppeteer or animatronic engineer? A union wins a battle.

Performance: Notices of 15 performances around the country

Puppets in Print: Summaries of 17 newspaper and magazine articles on all aspects of puppetry.

UNIMA NEWS, by Vincent Anthony: Includes information of the World Festival in Magdeburg, Germany in June 2000.

In Memoriam: Tributes to Duke Kraus, Mike Oznowicz, Robert LeFeuvre, Roland Sylwester, Roy Patton.

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