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Spring 2000 Volume 51, No. 3


Mary Chase Lombard: Master Puppeteer and Television Pioneer, by Tom Andrae: In the 1950's, Mary Chase was among the first to recognize the promise of television puppetry.

Presenting the Candidates for the P of A Board of Trustees: Photos, short bios and statements from the seven candidates

Blacklight Bugs: Puppetry Meets Entomology, by Rob Witmer: Rob's show, "The Secret Life of Bugs", is closer to nature in concept than the animated "bug" movies of the last year.

From the UNIMA Center, Vince Anthony writes about the UNIMA Scholarship program.

Give the Class a Hand: Learning Through Manipulation, by Joe Santoro: In Mr. Santoro's classes, puppetry helps students experience success and build confidence.

Chicago's Theater Dank—Edgy, Experimental, Accessible, by Ken Berman: Ken reviews the Second Annual Chicago Puppetry Festival

Puppetry From There to Here, by Steve Abrams: Steve reviews an evening of fourteen short works by artists from the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center's National Puppetry Conference

From Socks to Success, A Modern Tale of Metamorphosis, by Elisheva Hart: For Robin Goodrow, creator of ''Bingo and Molly", a learning disability made her school days miserable, but puppetry opened the way to success.

The Polices of Puppetry in Education, California to India, by Mindy Donner: In spite of criticism directed at their project 14 educators go to India to study their use of Puppetry in the country's educational system.
In Memoriam—Ruth Gilpin, Dr. Jeanne Chall - Pegg Callahan writes about her friend, Ruth Gilpin; Gail Keams writes about Dr. Chall, an educator who played an important role in shaping the learning content of Sesame Street.

Puppetscape - lgor Stravinsky's "A Soldier's Tale" by Lewis Mahimann: Over the last 38 years, Lewis Mahimann (and Company) have collaborated to per form this piece to the live music of three different orchestras.

The Marionette Players at the Morris Museum, by Barbara Keefauver: For Close to 40 years, this company has come to the Morris Museum each spring to entertain thousands with a series of performances.

The Potowotamie Puppet Potlatch in Pokagen, by Tih Penfil: Notes and pictures from this annual migration to Pokagen of puppeteers from the Great Lakes area.

The Child-Size Puppet Project, by Joann Spencer Siegrist At the West Virginia University: Nursery School, children are helped to build their own life-sized puppets, for play and the development of multiple skills.

The Woman is an Indo Dalang, by Tamara Fielding-Stufkens: Most Dalangs are men, but Tamara has managed to overcome cultural, racial and ethnic prejudices to find acceptance and acclaim.

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