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Spring 2003 Volume 54, No. 3



2 Frankenocchio - A Twisted Tale, by Elizabeth Luce


4-5 POA strategic planning in Atlanta
Len Levitt's "Wooden Breeks" puppets
Poko Puppets bring "Carnival" puppets back to life
winning entry in National Day of Puppetry poster contest.
6 Giant Sea Puppets Turn the Tide on Pollution, by Rikki Asher


8 Owl Glass Puppetry Center (Iowa)
Tears of Joy Theater (Oregon)
Santa Monica Puppetry Center (California)
Columbia Marionette Theater (South Carolina)
The Puppet Showplace (Massachusetts)
Heart of the Beast (Minnesota)
9 Tahlequah Festival Update, by Jim Malone
10 Borne in Effigy, by Philip Kennicott
12 From the UNIMA-USA Center, by Vincent Anthony
13 Illusion Collusion: Two Essays - Transcending the Veil, by David Carranza
Some Thoughts on the Ventiloquial Illusion, by Dr. Mark B. Levy


16 A Hystopolis Version of "Dracula"
17 The Boy Who Stole the Stars - Starry Imagination Generates a Gigantic Stellar Puppet, by CoCo Weil


18 Mr. Rogers; Remembering Mr. Rogers, by Bob Brown David Wisniewski, by Michele Valeri, Jerry Ashton: Acrobat, Juggler, Showman and Puppeteer, by Fred Putz

22 The Colorful Journey of The Crayon Court, by Richard Wilson
24 Latex Foam, Part Two: Making Mold Cores, by Tom McLauglin
Ten Great Foam Latex Tips, by Arnold Goldman
Foam Story: My Worst Working Conditions Ever, by Kathi Zung
27 Avenue Q, by Steve Abrams
29 Producing Multi-layered Sound Tracks On Your Computer, by Tim Nielsen
31 Deconstructing Dickens: Bringing Pip to Life, by Sean Cawelti

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