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Spring 2008 Volume 59, No. 3



2 The World of Ax * Meet Steve Axtell and Axtell Expressions * by Bob Abdou


4 Larry Smith Day - by Wayne Martin
8 Life Among the Giants * Using Puppets and Perspective to Help Stage Roald Dahl's "The BFG" * - by Drew Allison
10 Puppets, Pens & Performances * A Conversation with Val Hilliker" - (Val Hilliker and PJ)

AT LARGE by Paul Eide

  • Festival DVD ready
  • Change in POA membership year
  • Puppets at the Craft and Folk Art Museum
  • COPA name change
  • May Day Parade in Minneapolis
  • Toy Theater Festival in NYC
  • BIMP- Puppets Through the Lens
  • Stop motion "Peter and the Wolf"
  • Puppets in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
  • "A Plumm Summer" and the disappearance of Froggy-Doo
  • "War Horse" - horses on stage in London
  • Puppets in Met Production of Phillip Glass Opera, Peace Through Puppets going strong

17 Puppet Elements in Offenbach's "Orpheus in the Underworld" - by Larry Engler
18 Puppets on the Sound * A Conversation with Steven Widerman * (Steven Widerman and PJ)
27 World Puppetry Festival / UNIMA Congress in Perth, Australia - by Steve Abrams


21 A Bob's Eye View, by Bob Nathanson
29 Scene East, by Steve Abrams
30 Scene West, by Beth Fernandez
31 Scene Between, by Monica Leo and Teri Jean Breitbach
32 Poor Alan's Almanack, by Alan Cook


22 The Unberable Remarkable Lightness of Model Magic - by Chris Fehring


5 Diary of a Doll Wiggler * A Bob's Eye View into the Wacky & Wonderful World of Puppetry - by Bob Nathanson, reviewed by Paul Eide


25 Matt Adler - by Alice and Lisa Rhodes - Atlanta Journal Constitution
25 Elsie Dunnington - by Rita Fullen, Richard McClead
26 Karen Rae Banks - by Frank Banks, Rita Fullen


Steve Axtell with his very first Axtell puppet, made at the age of six. Photo: Courtesy of Axtell Expressions

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