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Spring 2009 Volume 60, No. 3



2 Ronnie Burkett’s “Billy Twinkle:  Requiem for a Golden Boy” by Paul Eide


4 Back to School – Reclaiming a Role in the Schools Through Curriculum-Based Performance, by Lisa Sturz

7 2009 National Puppetry Festival – Let’s Start the Show, by Jeff Cornett

8 Profile:  Llords’ “International” – One Man, Two Hands, by Wayne Martin

14 Dear Mr. President, by Hobey Ford and contributors to Puptcrit

15 Pulling Strings – the Marionettes and Art of gustave Baumann (Interview with Joy Ginther);  Confessions of a Santa Fe Puppet Wrangler, by Joy Gwynne Ginther

17 Snow in Hawaii – an MFA Thesis, by Kat Pleviak

19 Praise & Puppets for Uncle Walt – a Conversation Between Puppeteers Bart Buch and Brian Selznick

AT LARGE, compiled by Paul Eide, Editor

  • Nick Lemon Puppets on Ace of Cakes
  • Birthday Party Showcase in Atlanta
  • Jim Henson’s Fantastic World
  • Peace Through Puppets
  • Submitting Articles to the Puppetry Journal
  • Puppeteers behind the #3 Super Bowl Commercial of All Time
  • Cartoon by Steve Mark 


26  Two from Charlemagne Press, reviewed by Paul Eide

A Pair of Cockeyed Optimists – The Puppetry Career of Bob and Judy Brown

Stories and Shows from Pinocchio’s Marionette Theatre, by David Eaton

28 Banff Puppet theatre Intensive:  The rocky Mountains in Winter, by Michael J. Vetere III, MFA


30 The Voyages of Dr. Doolittle, Reviewed by Fred Putz


10 A Bob’s-Eye View •  One Flew Over the Media Center

11 Scene East, by Steve Abrams • “Icarus” • I Made Sidia• Chinese Theatre Works

12 Scene West, by Beth Fernandez • Activities and Events on the West Coast

13 Scene Between, by Monica Leo • Pix Smith and the Dallas Puppet Theater

25 Poor Alan’s Almanack, by Alan Cook •   Marionetas de la Esquina


29 -PuppetFest Midwest   •  28-Charlemagne Press

32-Ken’s Color Cards

Inside Front Cover –2009 Puppetry Festival   Inside Back Cover, The Puppetry Store

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