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Spring 2013 Volume 64, No. 3



2 Jane and Friends – Celebrating the Life and Spirit of Jane Henson

Introduction by Cheryl Henson

University of Maryland, by Lynnie Raybuck

The O’Neill Puppetry Conference, by Pam Arciero

The Jim Henson Foundation, by Allelu Kurten

The Jim Henson Legacy, by Bonnie Erickson

Jane Henson’s Memorial Service, by Peter Lewis

10 Jane Henson’s “Nativity Story,” by Sean Keohane


14 Puppet Festival (r)Evolution is HERE!, by Carole D’Agostino

15 The Puppetry Store (submitting items for sale)

16 My Odyssey in Oz–Part One, by Phillip Huber

19 L200 Foam for Large Puppets, Masks and Props, by Rob H. D’Arc

26 A Unique and Wonderful Puppet Camp, by Peter and Debbie Lutzky Allen


25 A Bob’s Eye View – “See Ya?”  by Bob Nathanson

28 Scene West –Activity on the West Coast, by Beth Fernandez

29 Scene Between–Notes from Indiana, by Monica Leo

30 Scene East–Wakka Wakka’s “Saga,” and a look at upcoming events, by Steve Abrams


31 Remembering Judy Brown, by Bob Brown

32 Missing Howie Leifer, by Michael Nelson, Sally Fisher, Jan Van Schuyer, Bob Nathanson and Elise Handelman


33 Farewell from Fred Thompson

34 Reum…With a View, by M’El Reum

35 The Guild Connection, by Kurt Hunter

36 Eureka! by Nancy Sander

PLAYBOARD, edited by Fred Thompson

34 The Guild Connection, by Kurt Hunter

35 Reum…with a View, by M’El Reum

36 Eureka, by Nancy Sander

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