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Spring 2014 Volume 65, No. 3



2  COVER STORY:  Once in a Lifetime: The 1980 World Puppetry Festival, by Nancy Staub [EDITED JOURNAL ARTICLE WITH IMAGES]

COVER STORY: Once in a Lifetime: The 1980 World Puppetry Festival by Nancy Staub [FULL ARTICLE]

14 Night Transformations: Magic, Dreams, and Shadow Puppets at the Florence Griswold Museum, by L.A. Flammang

16 Polyfoam + Silicone= Exciting New Puppetmaking Possibilities (Part 1), by Tom McLaughlin

20 Cue the Lights! (Part 1),  by Joe Emory

28 Green Mountain Puppet Playwright Retreat:  On the Importance of Coffee and Whiskey,  by Heidi Rugg


25 Announcement of the 2014 Arlyn Award, by Luman Coad

31 2014 Regional Festivals


11 Guild Connection, by Kurt Hunter

12 Reum with a View, by M’El Reum

13 Eureka, by Nancy Sander

19 A Bob’s Eye View, by Bob Nathanson

24 Scene East, by Steve Abrams

26 Scene Between, by Monica Leo

27 Scene West, by Beth Fernandez

30 Puppets in Education and Therapy, by Judith O’Hare

36 Time Machine, by Kat Pleviak


32 Remembering Doug Anderson, by Jock Anderson

33 Remembering Lewis and David (Lewis Mahlmann and David Jones), by Randal Metz, Richard Bradshaw and Kevin Menegus


Photos from the archives of the World Puppetry Festival, now in the Puppeteers of America archives.

Left side:  Big Bird (Carroll Spinney, Sesame Street);   Mathilde and Paul Dougnac;  Paul Vincent Davis;  Figurentheater Triangel.

Right side:  Lampoon Puppettheatre;  Jim Henson and German puppeteer, Peter Waschinsky;  Japan Theatre Puk;  Jim Henson and Kermit.

Center:  Bread and Puppet Theatre.

Photographers:   Richard Howard, Robert Judson, Tommy Noonan;  some photographs provided by artist.

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