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Puppeteers of America

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Spring 2015 Volume 66, No. 3


2 Be Our Guest! – Excerpts from a Collection of Interviews with Guest Stars on “The Muppet Show,” by Erik Torbeck
10 Stan Freberg: A Puppet-Centric Remembrance of a Madcap Satirist, by Craig Marin
14 The Magic Word is MOO!, by Paul Eide
20 The Henson Family: A Steadfast Support of Puppetry for 50 Years and More, by Nancy Staub, with Steve Abrams
26 The Therapy of Make-Believe: Fred Rogers’ Puppetry, by James Byron Wood
28 Hobey Ford Brings Fun to Children in a Syrian Refugee Camp, by Hobey Ford
29 What’s in Storrs for You in August?, by Bart Roccoberton and Associates

12 John McAnistan, by bob brown, and Nick Coppola
12 Bill Weber, by Jody Wren, and Katie Adams
13 Marion Myers, by Steve Abrams

19 On Stage: “Hand to God,” reviewed by Steve Abrams

30 Scene East, by Steve Abrams
31 Scene West, by Beth Fernandez
32 Scene Between, by Monica Leo
33 A Bob’s Eye View, by Bob Nathanson
34 Eureka!!, by Nancy Sander
35 REUM...with a view, by M’El Reum
36 The Guild Connection, by Kurt Hunter

Cover images:
Center, Leslie Ann Warren and Jim Henson on set.
Lower left, Jim Henson and Rich Little.
Lower right, Kermit and Jaye P. Morgan
All photographs provided by the Walt Disney Company.

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