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Puppeteers of America

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Summer 1993 Volume 44, No. 4


Tasha Tudor by Hobey Ford

First Lady of Ventriloquism Shari Lewis Part II by Todd Stockman

David by Bill Lorenzen

Faustus by Klaus Ruedenberg

Robert Wilson at Walker Center: Smiley script by Forman Brown

Village Child by George Latshaw

Gus Whiter Punch & Judy by Allelu Kurten

Review of film Brother Bead Sister Puppet by Nancy Staub

Bertie & Lee by Paul Viso

Tributes to John Brunner, Bill Eubank, Eren Ozker, Barclay Shaw, Tom Tichenor

Allelu Kurten retires from UIMA News; Backcover: Lee Dexter

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