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Summer 2000 Volume 51, No. 4


2 The Use of Puppetry by the Flock Theater in Shakespeare's "The Tempest," by Derron Wood

3 The Second Annual National Day of Puppetry, by Heather Loewenstein

4 The Bread and Puppet Museum Celebrates 25 Years, by Burt Porter

8 24 Avery Lane, The 1946 National Festival at the Home of Rufus and Margo Rose, by Fred Thompson

11 Review: A Reverent Examination of Irreverence, by Prof Glyn Edwards. Reviewed by Nancy Sander

12 Puppetscape: Hopscotching the Continent for news

14 Building Bridges: Learning About and Networking with Other Organizations, by Randal McGee

15 Review: The Complete Book of Puppetry, by George Latshaw. Reviewed by Steve Abrams

16 René From Then Til Now--introduction to Gallery photos by Paul Eide, distilled from an essay on the artist by Thom Fountain

17 Puppetry As a Method to Teach Acting, by Rolande Duprey

20 The Puppetry Center in Atlanta--a Place Where Puppets - and Imagination - Come Alive, by Reay Kaplan

26 In Memoriam: Bob Longfield, Edward Gorey, Heyward Carter; also noted: Harry Patton, Dorothy Gleason, Celia Collins

28 From the Unima USA Center, by Vince Anthony

29 Review: The Adventures of Maya the Bee. Reviewed by Don Devet

30 Puppetry Store

32 Classified Ads; National Day of Puppetry Logo Contest

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