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Summer 2001 Volume 52, No. 4


2 Good Times in Tampa, by Paul Eide: An overview of the 2001 Festival in Tampa in July, in words and pictures

8 Reviewettes: Short reviews of some of the shows seen at the Tampa Festival

12 POA Awards for 2001

13 UNIMA Citations

14 Carl Harms Remembers...The Bil Baird Tour of India in 1962, by Carl Harms: The Baird Company, selected by the US State Department for a cultural / goodwill tour

16 Short Takes: A puppet collector's trip to Mexico, by Ray Mount

17 Senior Forum at the Tampa Festival, by Nancy Henk: Puppeteers of "a certain age" gather to talk about keeping on doing what they love

18 From the UNIMA-USA Center, by Vince Anthony

19 The Big Friendly Giant, by Hannah Treuhaft, David Sabel, and Shannon Scrofano: Three Students at Northwestern University stage this Road Dahl story with puppets

20 Mabel Beaton, by Gary Busk: Les and Mabel Beaton--their exceptional home theater, their book, their memorable films

24 The Black Sheep Festival, by Ken Berman: A group of artists brings a festival of puppetry to Pittsburgh, PA

24 The American Puppet, by Paul Eide: Mark Mazzarella's excellent video documentary on the history of American Puppetry

27 The Third Annual National Day of Puppetry, by Steve Overton
Paul Vincent Davis: Reports from Portland, OR, and Boston, MA

29 In Memoriam: Lewellyn Bowen, Bob Dolan

30 Review: Archipelago of Delight, review by Andrew Periale

31 Classifieds

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