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Summer 2003 Volume 54, No. 4


2 Puppets on Parade: A Star Spangled Festival An Overview of the 2003 National Puppetry Festival in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, by Paul Eide

5 Potpourri - The Heart of the Festival, by Shari Aronson

6 Awards

8 About New Friends and Our Common Aims, by Darin Petkov (Director of the State Puppet theatre, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria)

9 Show Review(ettes), by Festival Participants

14 Fifth Annual National Day of Puppetry - Three reports:

  • Oregon, by Marty Richmond
  • Massachusetts, by Judith O'Hare
  • Minnesota, by Karen Backes

16 Mountain Marionettes, by Lou Hunley

17 Book: The Puppet-What a Miracle, reviewed by Judith O'Hare

17 Show Commentary: Big Ideas From a Small Theatre, by Andrew Periale

18 Working On the High Seas-Cruise Ship Entertaining, by Phillip Huber

21 Classified Ads

22 Teens Talking to Teens About Suicide, by Norma Jackson

24 Noteworthy; 25 Snapshot: Dumpster Duel in Minneapolis, by Paul Eide

26 Show: What's Inside the Egg, reviewed by Donald Devet

28 Constructive Criticism: Tell Me What You Think, by Lisa Sturz

30 In Memoriam: Meredith Bixby, by Rick Morse Virginia Rivers, by Jody Wren

32 Three Giant Sea Creatures-You Want Them WHEN?? By Lisa Sturz

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