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Summer 2014 Volume 65, No. 4


2 COVER STORY:  The Story of Teatro SEA, by Paul Eide, from Interviews with Manuel Moran

7 Inaugurating a New Chicago Tradition:  The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival, by Jay Kelly

8 Cue the Lights, Part 2:  DMX Lighting Systems, Everything’s Under Control, by Joe Emory

12 In London with Mr. Punch, On the Occasion of His 351st Birthday, by Ed Glassman

15 Suzette Olga Schwarzkopf: A Connecting Principle. by Lisa Aimee Sturz and Alexander John Schwarzkopf

16 “Object Puppetry Changed My Life”:  Anna Fitzgerald on “Reverse Cascade,” an Interview by Michael Arena

19 Generations:  The Melchior Family

24 Silicone + Polyfoam, Part 2:  the Fine Points of the Process, by Tom McLaughlin


28 A Bob’s Eye View, by Bob Nathanson

29 Eureka, by Nancy Sander

30 Guild Connection, by Kurt Hunter

31 Reum with a View, by M’El Reum

32 Puppets in Education and Therapy, by Judith O’Hare

33 Scene East, by Steve Abrams

34 Scene West, by Beth Fernandez

35 Scene Between, by Monica Leo

36 Time Machine, by Kat Pleviak


Manuel Moran (under lights) in his one-man performance of “Viva Pinocho! A Mexican Pinocchio.”

Manuel Moran in doorway of the Latino Cultural Center

(Photos provided by SEA)

Bottom of page: Cast of “The Toothache of King Farfan,” performed at the Atlanta Festival in 2009. Photo by Paul Eide

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