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Winter 1999 Volume 51, No. 2


The 90's, by Steve Abrams: Steve, POA president, looks at the decade behind us

The Magical, Remarkable Mr. Latshaw: An appreciation

Grab the Mic, by Pam Csipo: Pam writes about her education project with Atlanta teenagers.

Birth of a New PuppetTheater Museum, by Rolande Duprey: She describes the grand opening

Professor Bodywise and the Traveling Menagerie: Kaiser Permanente sponsors a touring show to promote health.

Seventh Indonesia Wayang Festival, by Nancy Staub: On attending the festival this past August.

Building John Malkovich, by Lee Armstrong: A look at creating the marionettes for Being John Malkovich.

DoLores Hadley, by Diane Houk and Robert Smith: A tribute to the artist.

Review: 3 shows from the Philadelphia Festival, by Steve Abrams

Review: Shockheaded Peter, by Miguel Romero: Show about "monstrous children and parents"

Review: Hate* *A Comedy, by Steve Lekowicz: A short film about a homicidal chicken.

Review: Big Top Machine, by Don Devet: A bittersweet story of a man trying to fulfill his dream.

On the Road with Daisy DeBolt, by Andrew Periale: Journal notes on putting a show together in 6 days.

More on the Mini-Disc, by Tom OLenick: The advances in sound for the puppet show

The National Puppetry Conference at the O'Neill Center, by Lois Corwin: She describes her experience in the program last Spring.

Thank You, Gayle Schluter, by Lettie Schluter: A message of appreciation to our outgoing Membership Officer


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