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Puppeteers of America

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Winter 2000 Volume 52, No. 2


Collecting Toy Marionettes by Kevin Menegus

Indonesian Influence on American Puppetry by Nancy Staub

Forever Young: A Salute to Rod Young by Larry Engler and Allelu Kurten

Marionette Memories: The Pioneering Puppetry of Darleen and Cloyd McCauley by Philip Morrison

The Insect Play--Puppetry at the University of Dallas by Mary McClung

Tilford: The Unknown Knight by Darrell Srofe

Punch's Progress by Nancy Henk

Puppet Odyssey-Festival Update by Steve Abrams

Strings-Hands-Shadows by John Bell, reviewed by Steve Abrams

Puptcrit--an Interview with Malgosia Askanas by Steve Abrams

UNIMA-USA by Vince Anthony

The Short of Writing a Press Release That Gets Used by Heather Loewenstein

Marlboro College and Sandglass Theater to Hold Summer Institute by Tristan Roberts

The Zhangzhou Puppet School by Chris Carter

Wrestling with the Pig by Eric Bass

The Fifth International Shadow Theatre Festival by Reinhard Maag

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