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Puppeteers of America

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Winter 2001 Volume 53, No. 2


2 Between the Lions, by Steve Abrams
6 The Fourth Annual National Day of Puppetry, by Libby Bierbaum
7 Some Puppet to Watch Over Me: Behind the Seams, by Ken Schellin
11 Review of "Some Puppet to Watch Over Me," by Randel McGee
12 The Summer Puppetry Institute at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, by Blair Thomas
13 From the UNIMA-USA Center: Vince Anthony's Visit to China, part one, by Vince Anthony
14 First Night, by Steve Abrams
16 In Memoriam: Robert LeRoy Smith, Jamie Moore
17 Muppetfest: Reports by Michael Dixon, Sam Hale, and Brian Stokes


24 Bunnicula (Puppetry by Scott Hitz), Reviewed by Steve Abrams
108 Ways to Nirvana (Blair Thomas & Michael Zerang), Reviewed by Shoshanna Utchenik
Black Sheep Festival, Reviewed by Mike Smith
Rare Birds (Book by Dan Bessie), Reviewed by George Latshaw
Puppet Festival (Video by Warner Blake), Reviewed by Paul Eide

28 Puppet-Making with Vara-Form, by Fred Thompson
31 Classifieds

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