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Winter 2002 Volume 54, No. 2


2 Candidates for the Puppeteers of America Board of Trustees

4 Blair Thomas: The Puppet, the Poet and the Prisoner - by Joe Cavalier

6 Puppettheatre Mum in Philadelphia: Puppets Do Get Respect - by Andrew Periale

7 Ride the Red Mare Highlights Tears of Joy's 30th Year - by Nancy Aldrich

8 The Hsia Hsi Yuan Handpuppet Theatre Visits California State University Fresno -by Linda Dryden

9 From Unima-USA - by Vince Anthony

10 Latex Foam for Puppets - by Tom McLaughlin

16 The 2002 Black Sheep Festival - by Mike Smith

17 Puppets Give the Winning Edge! Episode 2: The Monster Lives - by Randel McGee

18 Therapeutic Puppetry On Site: the Open Hearts Project - by Pam Spence

19 Review: "Strings - a Mystery with Marionettes" by Eleanor Boylan. Review by Paul Eide

20 Snapshots: Calling All Plants; New Book from Dover; Do It for Madame; Ronnie Burkett Plays Published

22 In Memoriam:

  • Les and Ellie Heath (by Jim Menke)
  • Don Glanzer (by Aretta Baumgartner)
  • John Kurten (by Andrew Periale)
  • David Wisniewski (by Steve Abrams)
  • Al Hirschfeld (by Steve Abrams)

25 Master Puppeteer - by Steve Abrams

29 Tahlequah Festival Update - by Jim Malone

30 Fifth Annual National Day of Puppetry - by Libby Bierbaum

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