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Puppeteers of America

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Winter 2003 Volume 55, No. 2


2 On Broadway, by Steve Abrams
3 Avenue Q Moves To Broadway, review by Steve Abrams
5 Broadway Dreams I: The Audition, by Jamie Friedman Donmoyer
7 Broadway Dreams II: You're On, by Jodi Eichelberger
8 The Rediscovery of Pupppets on Post 9/11 Broadway, by John Bell
9 Puppetry Obie Winners, a list compiled by Steve Abrams
10 Little Shop of Horrors, reviewed by Steve Abrams
11 Audrey's Angels -or- The Men Behind the Menace, by Paul Eide
13 The Long Christmas Ride Home, reviewed by Nancy Staub
14 Candidates for the Board of Trustees
16 Noteworthy
17 Rama and Sita, book review by Jerry Juhl
17 A Show of Hands - Using Puppets With Young Children, book notes by Paul Eide
18 Page to Stage, by Tom Sciacca
19 Starlight Matinee, - Family Puppetry Day, by Jennifer Stoessner
20 Drums and Shadows, by Tim Matos
22 A Brave New World of Puppetry - Part One Introduction to Virtual Puppets, by Brian Stokes
24 In Memorial: Veronika Ruedenberg, by Nancy Frazier Fawcett; 6th Annual National Day of Puppetry
26 The Word I Want to Say, by Greg Carter; 28 Heidi Rugg's Endowment Fund Project, by Len Gerwick
28 Puppets on Broadway, a second list compiled by Steve Abrams
29 UNIMA Center - Bangkok: An Epic Show in Honor of the King, by Kathy Foley

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