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Winter 2012 Volume 64, No. 2



2  The World of Bread and Puppet, by Paul Eide, Steve Abrams, Massimo Schuster.  Photographs by Massimo Schuster.


14 “SomeTV!”:  An Interview with Nic Lemon, by Randall Willis

16 Creating “Flexitube,” by Craig Marin

18 Puppet Festival (r)Evolution, by Carole D’Agostino and Nick Hubbard

19 A New Method for Creating Backdrops, and a Company That Does it Well, by Howard Stevens and Sean Keohane

32 Launching a New Puppetry Track at Dragon *Con, by Beau Brown


21 Book Review:  “A Timber Idol – Mr. Punch in Scotland,” reviewed by Diane Rains


9 Letter from President Nick Hubbard

Job description for Executive Director position

10 Candidates for the 2013-14 Board of Trustees


22 Remembering Pegg Callahan, by Nancy Staub

23 Remembering Yostie Ashley, by Jody Wren, Judith O’Hare and Drew Allison

24 Remembering Nancy Laverick, by Allelu Kurten,Judith O’Hare

25 Clinton Detweiler, Linn Rueter.

Noted for future tributes:  Lea Wallace, Howie Leifer, Jerry Nelson, Gerry Anderson, Judy Brown


26 A Bob’s Eye View, by Bob Nathanson (Hitting the Burnout Wall) 

27 Cartoon– drawing by Steve Mark;  idea by Bob Nathanson and Steve Mark

28 Scene East, by Steve Abrams (How to Train Your Dragon;  P.S. Jones and the Forbidden City)

29 Scene West, by Beth Fernandez (Activities on the West Coast)

30 Scene Between, by Monica Leo (Liz Schacterle’s Full Moon Puppet Theater in Minneapolis)

31 & 33 At Large, by Paul Eide, (Erin Gifford on Imagination Stage nominations, Steve Abrams on Puppets at the Academy Awards, Brian Hull on puppets taking over a Nashville Public Television Pledge Drive, and a note on Phillip Huber’s work for Oz the Great and Powerful.)

PLAYBOARD WINTER 2012-2013, edited by Fred Thompson

34 The Guild Connection, by Kurt Hunter

35 Reum...with a View, by M’El Reum

36 Eureka, by Nancy Sander

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